Request #20-167

Immediate Disclosure request:

Request #20-147 was closed in error as  the referenced Request #19-5155Request #19-5245 and Request #5316 would not include all responsive records

From 12.13.19 to 1.13.20: Publicly posted or distributed documents originating from or pertaining to the Bureau of Urban Forestry

Among the missing items are all records from December 30 to Jan 13, and all hazard tree postings for the specified time period.




January 13, 2020 via web


Public Works





Point of Contact

David A. Steinberg

Request Published Public
January 14, 2020, 12:17pm
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We have conducted a diligent search for records responsive to your request. We have located responsive records and are releasing them to you.

If you have trouble accessing the files, we can burn the responsive records onto a CD at a rate of $1 per CD or load the responsive records onto a flash drive at a rate of $4 per flash drive. Fees for duplication are subject to change and postage is an additional cost.

If hard copies are needed, we can provide hard copies of any 8.5x11 documents that are made available to you at a cost of 10 cents per copy, as allowed by the San Francisco Administrative Code § 67.28(c). This section states "a fee not to exceed 10 cents per page may be charged." Postage is an additional cost.

Please note that the Public Records Act requires an agency to make available to any person a copy of an “identifiable record or records” in its possession, unless the record is specifically exempt from disclosure. (Please see California Government Code § 6253(b).) The City’s obligation under the Sunshine Ordinance, like the Public Records Act, is to produce public records in its custody. (See San Francisco Administration Code § 67.20(b).) There is no requirement that a department or officer construct a document to meet the specifications of the request.

Please note that it is not necessary to create a NextRequest account to view responsive records. Once they have been released, a link, valid for 30 days, will be provided to view the records. Additionally, unless privacy concerns prevent it, Public Works makes all records requests visible to the public. You may search for requests at

This concludes your public records request.



David A. Steinberg
Custodian of Records
San Francisco Public Works

January 14, 2020, 12:17pm
Document(s) Released   Details Public
31 Abbey St 30 DAY Private.docx
470 Fillmore St posting.docx
600 46th ave 30 DAY Public_works.docx
840 El Camino Del Mar 261241-229205.docx
1309 Anza posting.docx
3719 22nd St 30 DAY Private.docx
2 George Ct mobilePic1578347492637.jpg
69 Cumberland mobilePic1578527996883.jpg
71 Ord St mobilePic1578607624105.jpg
119 Hancock St mobilePic1578523521411.jpg
698 Greenwich St tree 2 mobilePic1578347302687.jpg
1498 Fairfax Ave tree 9.jpg
1910 BAker St mobilePic1577994039761.jpg
1910 Baker St mobilePic1577994059219.jpg
2725 Filbert St mobilePic1578517596184.jpg
3321 Octavia St mobilePic1578345560648.jpg
Folsom St mobilePic1578695189367.jpg
Leavenworth St mobilePic1578604187187.jpg
January 14, 2020, 12:17pm
Document(s) Released   Details Public
2X Dukes Ct tree 2 mobilePic1577739778922.jpg
2X Dukes Ct tree 5 mobilePic1577740691317.jpg
30 Presidio Ave Resulting Decision Order 202414.docx.pdf
167 20th Ave Resulting Decision Order 202416.docx.pdf
198 Cashmere St mobilePic1577741303220.jpg
218X Cashmere St tree 3 mobilePic1577742479758.jpg
237 Leavenworth St mobilePic1576176789970.jpg
444 De Haro St tree 8 mobilePic1577388409960.jpg
470 Fillmore St posting.docx
600 46th ave 30 DAY Public_works.docx
708 Fillmore_1620 Turk_733 Baker St Resulting Decision Order 202413.pdf
824 Carolina St tree 6 mobilePic1577387418822.jpg
1030 14th St decidion Order202411.docx.pdf
1030 14th St Resulting Decision Order 202411.docx.pdf
1427X Innes Ave tree 8 mobilePic1576534041244.jpg
1535 Newcomb Ave tree 12 mobilePic1577746326861.jpg
1542 Innes Ave mobile pic.jpg
1805 Fillmore St tree 2 mobilePic1576181687032.jpg
1805 Fillmore St tree 3 mobile pic.jpg
1805 Fillmore St tree 4 mobilePic1534537980921.jpg
1901 Bryant St Resulting Decision Order 202412.docx.pdf
2129 Vallejo St Resulting Decision Order 202409.docx.pdf
3151 Washington St mobilePic1577479478631.jpg
Order202409 - 2129 Vallejo St_resulting decision.pdf
January 14, 2020, 10:32am
Due Date Changed Public
01/14/2020 (was 01/23/2020). IDR
January 13, 2020, 5:05pm
Department Assignment Public
Public Works
January 13, 2020, 4:58pm
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Request received via web
January 13, 2020, 4:58pm