Request #18-600

Request for Supporting Documentation

 Project:                Muni Forward – As Needed Contract (2852J)

                              Various Locations

                              San Francisco, CA 


Contractor:           A. Ruiz Construction Company & Associates, Inc.

                            1601 Cortland Avenue

                            San Francisco, CA  94110


Subcontractor:     Bay Area Lightworks

                             License #839612

                             1300 Van Dyke Ave., Suite B

                             San Francisco, CA  94124  


Dear Mr. Steinberg:


In order to fulfill our responsibility as a joint Labor Management Cooperative Trust monitoring public contracts, we are requesting the following information as noted (x).


____      Prime Contract (excluding specifications)

____      Performance Bond and Labor/Material Bond and Payment Bond

____      First Bid Advertisement

__X_     Notice of Completion (county recorder filing) or Acceptance Document (please attach copy)

__X_     Completion Date _______________ IF NOT, Estimated Completion Date _______________

____      Inspector’s Daily Log(s)

____      Other ____________________________________________________________________


March 7, 2018 via web


Public Works





Point of Contact

David A. Steinberg

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May 23, 2018, 12:08pm
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At your request, we are disregarding this request. Therefore, we consider your request closed.

March 7, 2018, 2:27pm
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Public Works
March 7, 2018, 11:32am
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Request received via web
March 7, 2018, 11:32am