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Hi, I am working on a low budget TV show called Bletchley Circle: San Francisco. We are a Production company filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Here is a link to the British ITV's 2 previous seasons we are doing a spin-off from: In the series the WW2 decoders are now solving crimes in 1956 San Francisco. The women pick up the daily paper and garner clues from the police reports of the crime scenes. They then trace the suspects movements on a map on the wall. We would like to use the data to make a few different San Francisco maps (from 1956) using these Basemap CAD files together with references from the era. We found the link to the files on the website: We received this response back from our Website inquiry, asking us to contact you to sign a release form: Could you please email us with a contact we could send our request directly to? Much appreciated, Jane Talbot Art Dept Ass't Bletchley Circle: San Francisco - Season 1 MAR 06, 2018 | 03:48PM PST Kimberly Hicks replied: Hello Jane, Our license applies to general public use. If Production needs something the license doesn’t provide for, please reach out directly to Public Works. Thanks, Kim


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