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The San Francisco Department of Public Health has reviewed publicly available technical information and we want to assure residents, tenants, and workers that Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel A where the new construction is located is safe.

Two reports that document the safety are uploaded and a brief description is:

  • Prior to the transfer of Parcel A from the Navy to the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the USEPA drove a van with radiation detection equipment on all navigable roads at the Shipyard, including the roads on Parcel A, to verify that there weren’t any issues with residual dust on the surface or anything to a specified depth below the surface (the limit of the detectors). The results from the USEPA equipment were no detections other than natural background levels. 
  • In addition, for a research project unrelated to the Shipyard cleanup, the Department of Homeland Security's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office conducted an aerial survey of the whole Shipyard in August 2012 with sophisticated radiation detection instruments. The Department of Energy's Remote Sensing lab's Aerial Measuring Systems (AMS) was used to scan the entire Shipyard. It found nothing of concern for the entirety of HPS including Parcel A.


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